Valencia Newborn Photographer

To be a photographer is to be a storyteller and yesterday we met an amazing family, from Valencia CA, with a beautiful newborn baby. We always hear about ‘Miracle Babies’… Well yesterday we met newborn baby ‘Faith’! Sarah, Omar and their son Hayden finally got their team completed.

Four weeks ago, and a bit too early, baby Faith arrived after patiently waiting for for years. Sarah and Omar gave it all and tried everything to have their little angel. Never giving up and trusted someone bigger than them to bring into their life, a precious little gift. We photographed Baby Faith at our Studio in Granada Hills, CA. She was amazing during her Platinum Newborn Session, a real dream to work with. She slept nicely and gave us almost no trouble. We fell in-love with this tiny princess and hope to see them again for a Family session! They left us with this in mind: What is meant to be, will come in your life, but at the right time! Just like Faith did!